I was born in Dùn Laoghaire, Ireland, in 1967.  Ireland has always been my homeland. The West coast has somehow connected an elastic band to my heart. I guess the art, literature and music has a way of expressing that I relate to. And of course the stories of my Irish family has made it personal. In 2013 I added my mothers family name Cairns to my last name. Most of my life I lived in The Netherlands. Holland and my Dutch family has given me endlessly much. I grew up in the rural area of Gouda, played in bands like Checkpoint Charley and The Mouflons. Besides my work as a drama therapist, I had exhibitions from 1998.

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Since 2007 I lived in Tuscany (Italy), Uddeholm (Sweden) and in West-Cork (Ireland). Now, since August 2009, I live near Oslo, Norway, with my wife Anne-Christine and our children Nooriah and Aron.

In Norway I had a few exhibitions (e.g. Galleri Smia, Galleri Gravsted and Bøler Kirke). I am also happily involved in the songwriters collective Cairns & Edward. In 2014 we have released our cd ‘Building Arches’

Creating beauty, especially rough, natural beauty is an important goal for me. I am more inspired by philosophy, mysticism and psychology than by art-history.

I work with different techniques: acrylic paint (mostly on panels), pen and ink and photography. I have had exhibitions in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Norway. I initiated the Month of Photography in Gouda, the Midsommerartfestival in Uddeholm, Sweden, the project Art4trees in Ireland and Pick A Piece Of Rubbish in Norway.