Drops Of Ocean

About the Art                                                                                                                           
In November 2008 Nelly van der Gaarden asked me to create 10 paintings, inspired by 10 compositions of Walter Carroll. He himself was inspired by 10 famous lines of British poetry about the ocean. Almost immediately I decided to spend the winter at the West coast of Ireland and not in Sweden, where I lived at that time.

Through Google I found Dzogchen Beara, a Buddhist Retreat Centre in West Cork. It has ‘grown’ out of the beautiful cliffs at the Atlantic Ocean, so the location was ideal. It was an impossible job to carry paintings around, so I decided to make 10 pen & ink drawings for each composition.

Inspired by Nelly’s idea and the compositions of Walter Carroll, but especially the impressive ocean with all her different faces, it was as if I absorbed the sea during the day and in the evening it rained down on paper.”

The drawings are now for sale for €50 (with one tree) €75 (with 5 trees) €100 (with 10 trees). (See: Drops Of Ocean)